Darryl’s work is a tactile and intuitive response to nature taken from his surroundings. His keen observations run wild and combine with the individual idiosyncrasies of the source of clay he uses.

Darryl has been throwing clay and firing his artworks since the late 80's The gallery holds New Zealand's largest display of anagama wood fired ceramic art.

When Darryl’s pieces are unveiled from the kiln the true beauty is revealed, altered and twisted; a sculpture in itself, the raw materials shaped by man and fire. His distinctive style of anagama wood firing has gained him national and international recognition as well as several awards including a Diploma of Honour from Korea.

He has also pursued his passion for large scale multi-media sculpture works, many of which can be found throughout New Zealand in public and private collections including the Wallace Arts Trust.

His works can be seen in many galleries and homes throughout New Zealand.

This year (2019) he has finished building his 4th anagama kiln, which is built on the slope of a hill on his property in Tasman, Nelson. This kiln will be fired 4-5 times a year, each firing being between 5-7 days of constant stoking and monitoring.